International People's Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir (IPTK)

DECEMBER 2, 2009

Unknown, Unmarked, and Mass Graves in Indian-Administered Kashmir

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Table of Contents

Title and Authors

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Backcover Text

Acknowledgements -- 7

I. Graves -- 9

II. Explanations -- 21
Concern, Crimes Against Humanity, and Mass Graves

III. Context -- 33
Political Situation, People's Tribunal, This Report, Methodology, and Reprisal

IV. "Exhumed Truths" -- 47
Kupwara, Baramulla, and Bandipora Districts

V. "Encounter"/Fake Encounter: An Index -- 69

VI. Recommendations -- 87

Appendix I: First Information Report from IPTK Convener -- 97

Appendix II: First Information Report on IPTK Conveners -- 98

Appendix III: Human Rights Council Letter of Allegations -- 100
and Government of India's Response

Appendix IV: Relevant Conventions and India's Status -- 103

Appendix V: List of Photographs -- 104
As used in the report, in the order that they appear

Extended Bibliography (Web only)

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